Subsription B&B's for bees project
Hello, here you can subscribe to make your own bee hotel. If you subscribe, we will let you know when and where you can pick-up the materials. If the COVID-19 measures are in our favor, it is possible that we will make the bee hotels on campus!

The B&B's for bees project is started by IVN Het Groene Wiel. This is an organisation educates people about nature. In May 2021 they want to set a record of most bee hotels in a city. For more information you can use the following link (it's in Dutch):

After the B&B hotels are made, you can hang them up in your own garden or they will be hung up at one of the flats from Idealis or somewhere else in Wageningen. Let IVN know if you hung up your hotel in your garden by filling in your postcode in this link: Or share a post of you bee hotel with the hashtag #bnbforbees.

Also, join the bee friendly challenge!

We are planning on making the hotels in the beginning of period 5. See you soon,
Wageningen Environmental Platform (WEP) and The Green Office
--> Located forum C239 second floor
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