RII Technical Advisory Council Application
If you are interested in applying, please note the following:

TAC members are expected to represent the industry’s interests related to resource efficient practices, not their company’s interests in defending their market position.

With some variation across Working Groups, RII generally strives for representation of 25+% cultivator, 25% subject matter expert (e.g., scientist, engineer, architect) and not more than 50% technology manufacturer.

Members will serve through mid-2020 or when the identified scope of the Working Group is fulfilled.

Each Working Group will have input into its schedule, though it is generally expected that most will meet roughly once per quarter for 1-1.5 hours. The HVAC and Lighting Working Groups will be more time-intensive and will meet every other week due to the multi-stakeholder process related to development of Best Practices Guides.

Each Working Group member is expected to become a contributing member of RII to help fund the activities of the TAC. See our Join With Us page for more information.

Applications are due June 24, 2019. RII’s Board of Directors will appoint Working Group members by July 1, 2019.

Questions? Please email Amber at TACsupport@resourceinnovation.org

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