COLX Social Team Application


This application is for those who are interested in participating in the Colx Community Social Team. This is a community driven initiative to organize, plan and coordinate the promotion of Colx throughout various social channels.

We all agree that the best way to promote something is with a clear and concise message. Through coordinating with other community members, we can pool our talents together to produce content, facts, info etc, about Colx which can be promoted through various social channels.

This is also an opportunity to learn more and develop skills in social marketing. Some level of guidance will be provided by ones experienced in the sector to help you maximise the reach and impact of your message.

For bonus points we’re especially looking for people who have experience on Reddit and Twitter. Extra point for anyone who runs their own blog and/or website.

If you’re unsure if you meet any of the criteria – please feel free to apply anyway. Everyone has a role within the community so don’t feel you’ll be left out.

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