Natural History Museum Data Portal User Survey
What do you use the Data Portal for?
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How often do you use the Data Portal?
Is there anything that you wish the Data Portal allowed you to do that it doesn't allow at the moment?
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Which feature(s) of the Data Portal are most important to you?
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If you could change/improve one thing about the Data Portal, what would it be?
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Overall, how would you rate the Data Portal?
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Extremely good
And, finally... do you work at the Natural History Museum?
If you would like us to tell you about the results of this research, please enter your e-mail address here. We will only use this data to inform you of the outcome of this research. It will not be passed on to a third party or retained by the NHM for marketing or any other purposes. After we have reported on this research, we will remove the e-mail address from our research mailing list.
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