Digital Framework - Parent Survey
Digital framework - Parent Survey
Digital technologies include: BeeBots, Microbits, Makey Maken kits, Sphero robots, LEGO WeDo, iPads, Laptops, use of IWB (this list is not exhaustive).
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How many children do you have attending Letterkenny Educate Together National School? *
When it comes to technology being used to enhance learning, do you think our school is... *
What digital device/ devices do you currently own? *
Do you have WiFi at home? *
Does/do your child(ren) have a smartphone/s? *
How confident do you feel in your skills to support and supervise your child(ren)'s digital learning? *
What effect do you believe digital technology has on pupil's learning? *
Are you interested in your child(ren) having more at-home digital content available to supplement what's being taught in school? *
How do you think that Digital Technology can make a difference for you child's learning? *
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