Where Shadows Slumber Tester Feedback
This form is for testers of the upcoming game Where Shadows Slumber to provide feedback.

In this build, we're looking for feedback about the game's overall quality, including aesthetics, music, performance and entertainment value. Please fill out as many of the questions as you can in order to help us improve the game as much as possible!

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We are aware of the following glitches / faults in our game. Please check a box for EACH glitch you encountered that matches the description: *
Did you encounter a glitch that was not on the list above? If so, please describe any and all that you found and be sure to mention if the glitch prevented you from completing the build.
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Did you get stuck on any of the puzzles? Describe the problem you could not overcome. Were you ever able to get "un-stuck"? (NOTE: this is referring to puzzles you found difficult to complete, not glitches!)
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We added an in-game menu as well as a Level Select menu. What did you think of these UI additions? *
What did you think of the overall puzzle difficulty? *
Describe your thoughts on the visual design, color palette, 3D models, cutscenes, and level animations available in this build.
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Our cutscenes don't have sound yet. Even so, describe your thoughts on the story / narrative we presented in this build. *
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Describe your thoughts on the game's sound effects and music. *
What best describes the device you used to play this beta build? *
If this game was released on the App Store / Google Play and was three times the size of this build, but of similar quality, what star rating would you give it out of 5? (1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest) Explain your answer. *
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BONUS: Fill out this OTHER tiny survey about our game's price by clicking this link: https://goo.gl/forms/oncedvecPMlLsZTi1 *
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