ABC Bug Report/New Feature Request
if something isn't as it should be or you have new feature requests
Name of Interactive/Lesson
eg Literacy Superfile, or P1 Journey 2 Lesson 1
Location - Interactive/Lesson/Journey/Page
eg Up Early >Literacy>Look say Look Play>Superfile
New Feature Idea...
Can it please do this....
Or if something wrong - what happened?
eg program just seized up, you spelt practise incorrectly....
What triggered it?
eg I was on level 3 musicality and Level 4 Graphics and after the 3rd jam session it crashed
Date of incident?
Type of Computer and OS
eg PC Windows 11 on Chrome v 35
Who is reporting this bug?
Someone outside ABC - can we know who?
Please add your email address if you want a reply.
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