Application for Crypto in Context
This is the application for the pilot course in Digital Assets brought to the Bronx through a collaboration between BCC and the Electric Coin Company. The application is assessed on the quality of the two essay questions and the answers provided in the third section. The application should take approximately 30 mins to complete.
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What year are you in at Bronx Community College *
Question One: In one paragraph, roughly 200 words, please describe what interests you about digital currencies and why you would like to enroll in this non-credit course. *
Question Two: In one paragraph, roughly 200 words, please answer the following question. Question: if you were offered an opportunity to train for a career in finance, or in financial technology would you be interested; and if interested, why? *
When learning new material that interests you, how much do you study to learn the new topic? *
This course has 6 sessions where top industry leaders in the Digitial Asset career sector will be presenting on covered material or associated material. If selected, how important is it that you are prepared for each session and have covered, in advance, the material for the day? *
If you were given 40 minutes of videos to watch that could lead you to find a rewarding job, would you watch all 40 minutes of the videos? *
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