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What is your background in coaching? What schools have you graduated from? How many years experience? What level of ICF certification are you – ACC, PCC, MCC?
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What career skills have you developed outside of coaching? In what field, what industry, or function in organizations? Do you have experience as a team leader, manager, executive, or leader? If so what is your experience and accomplishments?
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What do you say is your ambition for your career? Where do you want to be in five years? In ten? What you are developing in your answer is what we will call your “professional narrative.” Take some time to reflect on this question, and come back to it before you articulate your answer.
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What time and energy are you willing to dedicate to the development of your capabilities? Are you serious about your professional development or are you only looking only for techniques? We offer in-depth certified programs for meeting the standards of a profession.
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For your information IGL programs provide the following CCEU’s:

1. FGL workshop – 3 days: 23.5 CCEUs
2. EGL 4 month program: 33.5 CCEUs
3. CEO Year 1 – 8 months: 87 CCEUs
4. CEO Year 2 – 12 months: 119 CCEUs
5. CEO Year 3 – 12 months: 119 CCEUs
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