((audience)) Artist Questionnaire
For the last ten years, ((audience)) has organized dozens of live concerts, exhibitions, discussions, and workshops. But the cornerstone of our programming has always been Cinema for the Ear, a series of sound art screenings presented in movie theaters without the picture (i.e., sound-only, in the dark). Now, after a long hiatus, we are re-emerging and shifting our focus away from live programming and back to our original mission: Cinema for the Ear.

As part of this process of re-organization, we are reaching out to you for feedback to ensure that ((audience)) and Cinema for the Ear adequately serve artists and their work.

We appreciate your responses to the questions below.

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What, in your opinion, would be the ideal venue for presenting multi-channel sound work? (Check all that apply) *
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Tell us a little bit about your expectations as an artist if you were to accept a commission for a new work (in terms of venue, fee, exposure, professional development, etc).
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What kind of licensing structure would you expect from ((audience))? (Please choose one) *
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