2019 Projects Needing Approval To Begin Collecting Data Proposal Form
PRINT THIS PAGE before typing into the online form so you will have full and complete answers to each of the prompts.

ALL PROJECTS MUST ADHERE TO THE INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE & ENGINEERING FAIR RULES (ISEF) *Follow link to rules and guidelines. https://student.societyforscience.org/international-rules-pre-college-science-research

If you answer YES to one or more of the 6 following statements indicated with a + sign then you MUST use the google form that appears at the end of these instructions. You might want to print this document before typing into the online form so you will have full and complete answers to each of the prompts.
If you answer NO to ALL of the 6 following statements you can start your experiment without approval of the safety committee. Be sure you check the link to the international science fair rules provided above.
# note if it is discovered that your project did involve any of the following and prior permission to safely experiment was not given it will result in immediate rejection to move on to the county level competition.

YES or NO?
** 1. My/our project was performed at a college or professional lab.
** 2. My/our project uses humans taking surveys or other mental or physical tests or tasks.
** 3. My/our project uses human or vertebrate animal bodily fluids or tissues.
** 4. My/our project uses vertebrate animals in a manner that manipulates their behavior, habitat, or nutrition.
** 5. My/our project uses microbes (bacteria, fungi, ) in culturing (growing) experiments.
** 6. My/our project uses one or more of the following:
+ uses recombinant DNA (rDNA)
+ culturing or engineering of clinically significant multidrug resistant organisms (MDROs)
+ culturing of human or animal waste
+ genome editing studies that include alteration of germline cells, insertion of gene drives, or use of rapid trait development systems (RTDS).
End of questions. If answering YES to one or more - Please now follow these INSTRUCTIONS below:
Project Proposal must BE COMPLETED BETWEEN November 26th 2018 AND February 1ST 2019.
Please read through all the prompts carefully and answer fully.
ACSEF safety committee will notify you via email if your project can proceed safely. The earlier you get approval the more time you’ll have to experiment and gather significant data.
Once you have received the okay to begin the experiment then you MUST return to our website http://acsef.org and read the criteria for qualifying for the Golden Gate Stem Fair.

Email address *
First, Middle, Last Name. *If this is a team project (3 maximum per team) provide the name of EACH person on the team. Place 3 stars *** next to the TEAM captain's name. *
Grade level *
Name of School you attend or if home schooled name of school you ordinarily would be attending *
Name of your current SCIENCE teacher *
Email address of current SCIENCE teacher *
Is this an individual or team project? *
Provide your NON School email address only!! *If this is a team project provide the NON School email address of EACH team member below. Separate each with a ; (semi colon). Place ** * (3 stars) next to the TEAM captain's NON School email address. Example: ***alamedacountysef@gmail.com; alamedacountysef@comcast.net; *
Email address of parent/guardian *If this is a team project - provide the email address of the team captains parent/guardian only. *
Name the site you propose to conduct the experiment (home, school lab, college/university lab, professional lab)and provide the address (street, city, state, zip ) *
Project Proposal Part 1**Rational: Include a brief ( 1-2 sentences only) explanation why this research is potentially important for its potential societal, medical or scientific impact. *
Project Proposal Part 2 **Research Question(s) & Hypothesis(es) as they relate to the provided rationale statement above OR if it is an engineering project state the Engineering Goals & Expected Outcomes as they relate to the provided rationale statement above. *
Project Proposal Part 3 **Procedure (science project) or experimental design (engineering projects) including methods for data collection and If using chemicals list them and describe how each chemical is to be used. Please PROVIDE AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE. The more detail you provide the better equipped we are to accept your proposal for registration and application to participate at the county level science fair 2019. *
Project Proposal Part 4 ** Risk and Safety (Make sure you read through all the instruction below): Identify any potential risks and safety precautions needed to do the project. *Most wet lab or human/vertebrate animal or microbial research involves some risks to yourself, others or the environment. THINK about what you are doing before answering "no risks". (If you are using ORGANISMS you MUST identify them by common and scientific names. You MUST identify the SOURCE, (e.g. dirt, biological company, toilet seat, etc.) You MUST state who is supervising you. You MUST state where you are doing your experiment with these organisms; either at your school, or a college, or a professional lab. *
Project Proposal Part 5 **Data Analysis: Describe the procedure you believe you'll use to analyze the data/results. For example you may be thinking you will determine the average of all trials and compare to the control trial data etc. *
Project Proposal Part 6 ** Google Search of Topic. This step is to help insure your project is ready for the county competition we need you to provide your background search question(s) and the number of results you obtained from your search (or searches) in the space below. For Example: We searched - What can forest fire ash be beneficially used for? Number of direct results = 15, and number of related results = 18 for "what is the effect of ash & smoke on crops; how do forest fires benefit living things *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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