Nominate yourself as an anonymous speaker on 'Sincerely, X' from TED

Sincerely, X is an audio series that allows powerful ideas to be shared with the world, with a twist: Rather than speaking under the bright lights of the TED stage, Sincerely, X speakers are anonymous.

Why anonymous?

Well, we’ve wondered: What if that very spotlight that defines the TED Talk experience is the reason that keeps some people from sharing their ideas? In our audio-only series, we can provide anonymity — and still let people’s stories and insights reach millions. Our goal is to uncover great ideas that have emerged from secrets kept.

Do you have an idea too important to stay secret? We want to hear about it.

Please answer the questions below to be considered for Sincerely, X. You can fill out this form or share your answers through the methods at the bottom of this page. If you’d like to know more about the series, you can listen to the first season on Apple Podcasts, the TED Android app, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Please consider how your idea will feed curiosity, evoke empathy or wonder, and leave the listener smarter. Keep in mind that “issues” expose problems, while “ideas” propose solutions.
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For this particular program, anonymity is the driving force behind speaker selection. We’re creating this opportunity specifically for those whose voices would not be heard if TED were not able to protect their identities.
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Other ways to reach us
We have taken careful steps to ensure the form above is private and as secure as possible, but if your submission puts you at risk in any way, we recommend sharing your answers via the Signal app or regular old snail mail.

Signal Messenger app
The Signal app allows you to send encrypted messages and hold encrypted phone calls. The app only stores your number, without tracing who you communicate with. Furthermore, you can set it to erase your messages permanently. To apply to speak via Signal, share your answers to the questions above in a message attachment to our dedicated Sincerely, X Signal line at +1 (862) 930-5759.

To download Signal, visit

Send us mail
Regular old mail can also be a secure way to communicate, especially if you use a mailbox rather than the post office. To apply, please print your answers to the questions above (and note a way we can reach you), and mail to Podcast Productions, TED Offices, 330 Hudson 11th Floor, New York, NY, 10013 USA.
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