Escape hOUR Room Waiver

Escape hOUR Room operates and/or conducts live escape games. Participating in an escape room can or could result in injuries to the participant. The participant, by executing his or her signature to this release, does hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Escape hOUR Room, its officers, members, promoters, owners, employees, contractors or business partners from any and all liability, injuries, or any and all other claims and damages as a result of participating in an event sponsored by Escape hOUR Room. Furthermore, the participant, on behalf of his personal representatives, assigns, heirs, and next of kin, does hereby release any and all claims, damages, injuries, incurred by the participant in regards to the participation in such events. Participants agree to hereby release any and all claims, of whatever kind of nature, present and future, damages and injuries.

Participant assumes full responsibility for and risk of bodily injury, death or property damage due to negligence or non-negligence of Escape hOUR Room, its, owners, employees, and contractors in the Escape hOUR Room event. The undersigned further acknowledges that he/she is voluntarily participating despite the risk of falls, contact and/or crashes with other participants, employees, defective equipment, and the condition of the room.

Participant in consideration of being permitted to participate in the Escape hOUR Room event acknowledges the risks and hazards involved in and arising from the attending, participating in, or as a spectator or bystander, of any event at Escape hOUR Room including, but not limited to, the additional risks of being hit by flying objects, falling, and does for himself or herself, his or her heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, release and forever discharge Escape hOUR Room, their contractors and actors, of and from any and every claim, demand, action or right of action, of whatsoever kind or nature, either in law or in equity arising from or by reason of any bodily injury or personal injuries known or unknown, death and / or property damage resulting or to result from any accident which may occur as a result of participation in Escape hOUR Room or any activities in connection with Escape hOUR Room, whether by negligence or non-negligence or from any and all other incidents of harm and/or ill- will.

I comprehend the risks involved with participating as a spectator or participant. I assume all risks associated with participating in the Escape hOUR Room event including paralysis and death caused by course and contact with other participants or actors. I agree that Escape hOUR Room, or any of its assigns has the right to any photos or any video/sound footage of me during the Escape hOUR Room event. These photos, video footage and sound materials may be used for any marketing purposes. I fully understand that there are no refunds under any conditions once I purchase my entrance fee.

CHILDREN’S RELEASE: For all persons under sixteen (16) years of age a parent or legal guardian must sign the following acknowledgment. The undersigned (parent/guardian) the parent and natural or legal guardian of (minor’s name) hereby acknowledges that he/she has executed the foregoing Release for and on behalf of the minor named herein and agree to bind myself, the minor, his/her executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors, and assigns to the terms of the foregoing Release. I hereby authorize any licensed physician, emergency medical technician, hospital or other medical or health care facility to treat the minor named herein for the purpose of attempting to treat or relieve such injuries. I consent to the administration of all medical care. By signing this agreement, I agree that I or the part of my responsible party lose my/our right to sue anyone involved with Escape hOUR Room.
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