Health Leadership High School Enrollment Application: 2020-2021 School Year

Online Registration Instructions

1) The entire registration form must be completed in one sitting, you can not save your work to return later.

2) In order to complete the form you should have on hand your child's medical insurance and healthcare provider contact information and have access to information about the last school your child attended.

3) Once you have completed your HLHS 2020-2021 enrollment application we will need you to provide us with a number of State and Federally REQUIRED documents. We will contact you by phone after we receive your application to provide you with information regarding how we will collect these documents.

Health Leadership High School Admissions Policy

Health Leadership High School (HLHS) is a public school and as such will comply with all applicable laws regarding admission to a public school in New Mexico. All students who meet the State of New Mexico’s eligibility requirements for attending a public school may apply for admission to HLHS. The school will not discriminate among applicants on the basis age, disability, gender, gender identity, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or academic standing. HLHS is a New Mexico non-sectarian, non-home school based public school that does not charge tuition or have admission requirements. There are no criteria for admission. Pursuant to the Charter Schools Act at NMSA §22-8b-4.1(B) enrollment preference shall be given to: (1) students who have been admitted to the charter school through an appropriate admission process and remain in attendance through subsequent grades; and (2) siblings of students already admitted to or attending the same charter school.

Opportunities to enroll will be advertised on the school’s website and through venues such as middle schools, youth development organizations, health care clinics, neighborhood organizations that provide services to youth, community centers and student academic associations. Students who are homeless and are provided protections under federal law shall be required to follow appropriate enrollment procedures as outlined in federal law.With the exception of enrollment preferences required by law HLHS shall accept students on a first come first served basis. Expressed interest in enrollment will be accepted on an ongoing basis. As it is received, the registrar or designee will record all expressions of interest. In the event more expressions of interest are received than there are available openings in the school, admission shall be on the basis of lottery. Families will have 2 days (48hrs) to notify the school of acceptance of enrollment. If the school has not been contacted after 2 days (48hrs), the application will be placed on the bottom of the list and the next applicant will be contacted for admission. After student openings are filled, all others will be placed on a waitlist. If a student expresses interest in enrolling after the lottery has been drawn the student’s name will be added to the bottom of the waitlist.

Registration Help and Support
If you have general or specific questions about the registration process, required documentation, or eligibility to attend Health Leadership High School, or if you would like to request a paper registration packet please call: 505-620-8920 or email:
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