Are you ready to focus on what really matters in law- our clients?
This set of questions has been designed to help potential applicants figure out whether they are the right person to work at Sharpe & Abel. All lawyers are governed by professional conduct rules which require us act honestly and reputably. So if you are not a potential applicant, please close out of this application now.

Also, you should know that this set of questions are part of our application process and takes the place of the traditional CV + interview. We use this set of questions so we can be as objective as possible and not take irrelevant factors like ethnicity, gender, how you look and your marital status into account.

It's taken us some time to design these questions, so we ask that you consider them carefully and give them the same time and respect you would if you were submitting a CV or attending an interview. We usually tell people to allow at least an hour.

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