Self-Esteem Audit
Find out your self-esteem level.
Our self esteem is often an indicator of our happiness levels and our ability to flourish even in adversity.
All results will be treated as confidential.
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Part 1 - which description fits you best?
Not at all like me
A little like me
Sometimes like me
A lot like me
Just like me!
I tend to worry what other people think of me
People rarely talk me into things I do not want to do
Maintaining close relationships has been difficult and frustrating for me.
I often feel lonely because I have few close friends with whom to share my concerns.
On the whole, I am satisfied with myself.
One close friendship is enough for me. I do not need more than one friend.
Sometimes I change the way I act or think to be more like those around me.
I am not afraid to voice my opinions, even when they are in opposition to the opinions of most people.
I wish I could have more respect for myself.
I frequently feel self-conscious
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