C.I.T. Application Form 2018-2019

Dear Community Member,

To be a CIT with LARP Adventure Program is an extraordinary experience with the promise of
great personal and professional development. CITs will be directly assisting Instructors in the
afterschool programming by L.A.P. for all five days of the school week! They will be given special
projects, exclusive trainings, and will begin their path to achieving the rank of Assistant Instructor
following their graduation from the L.A.P. program.

However, to be a CIT within this community is to hold a serious responsibility to all of its
members and should not be a commitment taken lightly. All CITs, once accepted, are asked to commit
to a full academic year of the CIT program on the days they are offered to come in to the program. In
exchange, all admission costs to such programming will be waived; volunteer hours will be recorded
and sent to the participant’s school; and recognition shall be given for their accomplishments with this
leadership position.

Below, please indicate the days that you would like to commit to being a CIT for the academic
year. In addition, please look to the second page of this application for the CIT agreement form that
both you and your legal guardian should read, discuss and sign.

Thank you,
The Staff of L.A.P.

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    L.A.P. Counselor-in-Training Agreement

    1. Each CIT commits to their weekly class(es) for one full academic year. 2. Attendance at such classes are mandatory and non-emergency absences should be communicated with at least two weeks’ notice or as soon as possible. 3. CITs behave in an earnest and appropriate manner, in line with being a role model for the youth enrolled in their class. 4. CITs uphold the principles of the L.A.P. community and help instill these values in the youth that they will help mentor. 5. CITs come to class(es) dressed in appropriate attire, representing their rank and the ideal of how a Marshal should present themselves professionally. 6. CITs continuously strive for self-improvement and ask for help when needed. 7. CITs listen to the instruction of their supervisors and respect their position in the classroom. 8. CITs must be First and CPR certified, or be willing to achieve such certifications at the next available L.A.P. training. 9. CITs make decisions based on sound judgment and the needs of the individual, community and globe. 10. CITs must actively participate in a marshal program with the approval of their instructor. If not enrolled in a marshal program, CITs must hold the express permission of the L.A.P. core staff.
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