Charlotte Cohousing Survey
This survey is designed to help us understand how you want to be involved with Charlotte Cohousing. Your answers will be tied to your email address to help us follow up in the future. You can skip any questions you do not wish to answer.
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What attracted you to the idea of cohousing?
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What is your primary interest in cohousing?
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What are some elements of your ideal cohousing commmunity?
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How soon do you see yourself living in a cohousing community?
Cohousing Development Process
The cohousing process can take a minimum of three years. If the community met your ideal, where do you see yourself first becoming actively involved in the process?
How much time could you personally devote to creating your cohousing community?
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What is your biggest obstacle to participating in creating a cohousing community?
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If it already existed, what would be the biggest obstacle to moving into your ideal cohousing community?
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