PBJ Cat Application
This same form is used both for people looking to adopt as well as those interested in fostering.

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If you are applying for specific PBJ cats, please provide their names below ... otherwise, leave this first answer blank if you'd like for us to make recommendations -- we are happy to do so!
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IMPORTANT: NAMES, AGES, AND RELATIONSHIPS OF EVERYONE LIVING IN YOUR HOME MUST BE PROVIDED ON THE NEXT QUESTION in order for us to process your application ... enter "N/A" if you are living alone
Please provide the NAMES and AGES of ALL PEOPLE living in your home, and their RELATIONSHIPS to you (e.g., spouse, parent, roommate): *
Do all of the adult members of your household support your decision to foster/adopt a cat -- parents, spouse, roommates, etc.? *
Place(s) of employment: *
Hours cat will be alone each day during the work/school week (after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted): *
Is anyone in your home allergic to cats? *
Does anyone in your home smoke? *
Does your home have a doggie door? *
Does your home have a balcony or deck? *
What type of food do you plan to feed your cat? *
What is your annual budget for caring for a new cat? Please consider starter supplies, food/litter, veterinary care, etc. in your answer. *
Do you have access to funds to pay for non-routine vet expenses should your cat become ill or injured? Emergency care can cost thousands of dollars. *
Are you interested in fostering or adopting? *
Have you ever fostered for another organization? *
If you answered Yes to the previous question, please tell us whom you have fostered with before, or simply type N/A: *
Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?
Seeking a PURRfect Match
Characteristics you are looking for in a cat: *
I am open to fostering/adopting (check all that apply): *
If you selected "single kitten" above, do you already have a friendly young cat companion for him/her in your home?
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Your Pet History
Have you ever had pets? *
Please tell us about your current pets (names, ages, gender, type) or "N/A": *
If you CURRENTLY have cats or dogs as pets, are they up to date on vaccinations and annual wellness exams? *
Please tell us about past pets you've had as an adult (names, ages, gender, type) or "N/A": *
If you currently have cat(s), are they friendly and playful with other cats? *
If you currently have dog(s), are they known to be good with cats? *
In the past 5 years, have any of your pets been (check all that apply): *
Please explain (unless "None of the above" was checked):
Have any of your cats been declawed? *
General thoughts regarding declawing: *
Have any of your previous or current cats been allowed outdoors? *
Are you planning for your new cat(s) to be: *
General thoughts regarding indoor vs. outdoor cats: *
Have you ever had to deal with a particularly challenging medical or behavioral problem with a pet? If so, please describe: *
I'm aware that a cat can live 15 - 20 years or more, and am prepared to care for them for their lifetimes: *
Anything else you'd like to tell us about your pet history?
Next Steps
After reviewing your application, a PBJ volunteer will contact you ... our evaluation process also involves a vet reference check for current/past pets and a home visit.
Do we have permission to conduct a vet reference check? *
IMPORTANT: PHONE NUMBERS MUST BE PROVIDED ON THE NEXT QUESTION in order for us to process your application ... enter "N/A" if you do not have a vet to contact.
Name(s) and phone number(s) of vet(s) and pet(s) they've seen (or "N/A"): *
Do we have permission to visit your home? This can include a "virtual visit" if Covid-19 is of concern *
How did you hear of PBJ? *
If referred by someone, by whom?
Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully apply as a potential foster/adopter with PBJ!
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