NRNC Building Use form
The NRNC building is available for extracurricular meetings by organizations with goals compatible with those of the NRNC and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife on the following terms and schedule.
• Evening meetings lasting no later than 9:30 pm, with clean up and the building exited by 10:00 pm may be scheduled year round.
• Weekday meetings may be scheduled subject to the following exceptions: [1] Not available Wednesday afternoons when the Center is open to the public. [2] May not be available during the primary environmental education seasons when we cater to our primary clientele, local school groups and summer camps.
• Not available on weekends at any time unless specified by Director.
• Use subject to availability of a NRNC volunteer or staff member to open and close the building.
• A Fee of 300.00 per day and/or evening is requested to offset the operation of the center. This fee can be waived for organizations without the money to pay if outlined in a letter of need. All money generated by building use above operation cost goes directly into helping NRNC accomplish our mission.
 WDFW is exempt from this fee.
• Parking passes are available inside the center for those who do not have a current WDFW Access and Stewardship decal or Discovery Pass.
• No set-up or clean-up service is available; you must set-up your own arrangement and return all furniture to its proper place when you are through. No projection facilities or equipment are presently available.
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