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✅ The world’s largest transport company owns no vehicles (Uber), valued at US$68 Billions
✅ The world’s largest accommodation provider owns no hotels (Airbnb), valued at US$25 Billions
✅ The world’s largest telephone companies own no telecom infrastructure (Whatsapp), acquired at US$19 Billions
✅ The world's most popular media owner creates no content (Facebook), valued at US$250 Billions
✅ The world's most popular game creator for CandyCrush (King), acquired at US$5.9 Billions
What Is The Latest Trend
Our life has dramatically changed that we could not leave home without our smart phone and we could not perform many daily routine without the Mobile App.

This phenomenon has embarked on a Mobile Apps Business similar to Grab Taxi and Uber.
The Digital Age
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With the cost of living steadily increasing in Singapore, now is the best time to explore ways to generate a 2nd income so you can enjoy the lifestyle you desire.

Leveraging the internet mobile marketing, and our proven formula, you only need 1 - 2 hour daily to create extra full-time monthly income without quitting your day job, and you will discover why not to trade your time for money
VenVici Introduction - 2017 (Traditional Chinese Subtitle)
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