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Hello All :-) We were thinking that we miss so much of our Alumni Family, and realized that we don't have a good way of staying in touch! We value all of the time and energy that you spent here at the studio, and are very interested in what you have been up to since you last left our doors! We have had many amazing people grace our dance floors, and want everyone to know how much you have meant to the legacy we have here at Opus II Dance Studio / Ashland Regional Ballet. Do you have any favorite dance memories you would like to share? If so, take a brief moment to fill out this Let's-Get-Caught-Up sheet. We look forward to hearing about everything that you are up to, and even possibly seeing some of you soon!! Thank you for taking a moment to complete this, and have a wonderful day :-)
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Previous last name - while you were at the studio *
Please type your last name from when you were a dancer, before marriage ... if it has not changed, simply type the same last name as the previous question :-)
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Nickname during your time at Opus
What did everyone call you while you were at Opus.... example : Swa, Bulsey, Bullfrog, LooHoo, etc
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Year in which you graduated High School *
Please list the year you graduated high school!
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LIst the years that you were in the company- the year would be the season ... 1982-1983 season you would select 1982 *
Please list the years that you were a company member ... if you were a member from 2000 to 2003, please select 2000,2001,2002, and 2003
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In the event of a large attachment, what secondary email do you use that will accept large attachments??
Per example - many people have google drive or of the like to accept or send larger pictures and or videos
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Family Information! Please list your Significant Other ( if applicable ), and the names and ages of your children ( if applicable)!
It has been a long time since we have caught up with you, we like to know what you have been up to!! --- Example: Significant Other - Shes SoFine / Hes Sofine Children - Ashley - girl - age 7 John - boy - age 10 Shaniqua - girl - age 23 - baby boy - arriving December
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What was your favorite role you ever danced and why? *
Example - Tell us about why being Clara was your favorite role?
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List your Top favorite Dances Ever! *
It doesnt have to be 10, but we know you have had lots of dances you have loved performing! Please list your top 10 favorite Dances ever : Example - 1) Sing Sing Sing 2) Firebird 3) Little Mermaid 4) Barn Dance 5) USS Opus 6) Fever 7) Dream Ballet 8) City Lights 9) CanCan from Gate 10) Take 5
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Best Memory from the Studio / Company *
We know many of you spent over half of your childhood lives here ... What is your favorite memory .. or memories of the time that you were here? No space limit, you can type away if you like :-) Example - RDA , a trip , Spring Concert 2007 - Make sure to give the Why's if you like!
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What do you miss most about dancing? *
Let us know what you miss about dancing - not being able to touch your toes, the freedom of how the music made you feel... etc
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What one piece of advice would you give to current/ future company members? *
Youve been through it all, what are some pieces of advice you would give to the generations to come of dancers coming up based on the things you learned while at Opus, and based on things you see now that you are older?
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If we were to do some type of Alumni Gathering, would that interest you? *
If we were to do some type of Alumni Gathering- would that be something that would interest you? Feel free to say no lol, We are simply getting ideas on what interests our Alumni
Do you have any ideas you would like to share on Alumni Events / Activities that you would think would be fun?
The best ideas always come from the group - Please share some ideas that you think would be fun to attend, or any ideas at all that you might have!
Your answer
If we ever were to do an alumni dance, would that be something you might want to participate in? *
This question is purely hypothetical at the moment, but we have done these before, where we put together one dance for a show... If this is something you would like to be a part of, let us know!
What would you like to see from the Alumni Group? *
This is your chance to just let us know what would or wouldnt interest you. Example - I would love to see us do Alumni Gatherings; I would love to know how I could donate to help the studio and company ; I would like an Alumni FB page to share pictures/ stories; I would love to be kept up to date on when performances are so that I might be able to attend ; I would like to see more pictures and videos of the past ; I would love to find a way to get in contact with old friends ... just a few examples!
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Do you follow our Social Media Avenues ? and what are you Names if you do?
Please list the names! We love social media :-) Facebook - Opus II Dance Studio Instagram - Opus_arb_dance Twitter - opusiidance Pinterest - Opus II Dance
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Do you have old pictures / videos that you would love to share with us?
Just let me know, we are looking for old photos and videos
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Any words you want to pass on to Hellie / Swa / Curt / Staff
A chance to say anything that you want!
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THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO FILL THIS OUT!!! Opus II Dance Studio is the Official School of Ashland Regional Ballet.
We look forward to reading these responses! Have a great day!
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