M14 / Wines Elementary Noise Pollution Petition
MDOT acknowledges that the section of M14 passing Wines Elementary (from the 94 junction to the 23 junction) was constructed with an incorrect mixture of concrete resulting in a "hard top" in the 1960s, which makes the road loudly "sing." This results in highway noise up to 100 dB at Wines Elementary (only meters away from M14) and the surrounding neighborhood, which negatively affects learning and public health (https://www.noisehelp.com/noise-dose.html). The only reason sound walls were not built with the highway was that the Federal Highway Administration did not require traffic noise studies for new highways until the mid 1970s. MDOT refused to address the noise problem when they "repaired" the road in 2016, despite a community effort requesting them to use diamond grinding on the hard top as a remedy. Instead, the repairs have caused an even worse rumble strip effect. The signers of this petition hereby request that MDOT, Ann Arbor City Council, and Ann Arbor Schools study and implement measures to reduce highway noise to the surrounding area, including low noise pavement, speed limits, sound barriers, engine braking limitations and any other effective options.
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