Mindesk Multi User Platform BETA application
We are about to launch Mindesk 2020.3, which introduces Network Multiuser VR on Rhino 6 and Solidworks 2019/2020.

We are selecting the first cohort of users that will get early access to our network collaboration platform. Selected users will receive a dedicated training and will have the opportunity to share their feedback directly to our engineering team.

If you are interested in being part of this closed beta, please fill this quick form. (~2-4 min.)

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In order to use our VR Collaboration platform, you need to have a Mindesk account. If you don't have one, signup on mindeskvr.com
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Please provide us a phone contact number you would like us to contact you at in order to facilitate the setup.
Please rate these Mindesk VR Multi User case studies according to your expected use
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4. Very interesting
5. Essential
Design review with design team members
Design review with the client
Decision making / Approval
Collaborative design
Client engagement / Project proposal / Sales
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Please, further elaborate on your intended use of Mindesk VR Multi User
In order to build a better Multi User experience, we'd like to know more about how you expect to use our collaborative platform for your daily work. Also, please name your use case if not mentioned in the previous question.
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