Communication Request

To submit a proper request, please move through the two sections below. The first section contains the majority of the request. The second section is an optional social post. This would pertain to a Facebook post about your event.


• Make sure you’ve allowed adequate time for the communication process to be accomplished.
• Evaluate the return on investment.
• Receive proper approval from your team leader or pastor.


6 weeks | Ministry event (i.e. Noah's Neighborhood, KIDlothian, Elevate, Marriage)

6 weeks | Church-wide event (i.e. Easter, Christmas, Summer Camps)

1 week | Website & Social (unless it is apart of an overall event)

Deadline for all materials to be submitted (artwork, text, photos, and meet with artist to discuss layout) is 4 weeks before materials are needed. For internal printing, PDF files will be provided for your ministry area to output; for external printing, a quote will be supplied for your ministry area to approve charges.

PLEASE NOTE: Production on this project cannot begin until you discuss layout with designer, have been approved for budget expenses, and send any applicable artwork, text, photos.

Ministry | Church Wide Event *
Primary Contact Person *
Event Title *
Subtitle of Event
This is used to describe the event in a direct way.
Event Description *
Include why people should be interested and what they will get out of this event.
Event Date *
If this event takes place on more than one date, just fill in the additional information in the space provided at the end of this form.
Project Budget *
Advertising Start Date *
Event Location *
Promotional Requests *
Please include the all related details related to your promotional requests. Depending on current bandwidth in our communication methods and availability of creative team, not all requests can be granted. Any requests that fall outside of these below will need to be discussed. Note: All items below are template sizes and designs will be required to fit within that specified size. If you select "Other" please write what the item is along with the wanted dimensions and type of paper (if applicable).
Promotion Quantity
Provide the amount of copies wanted for stand alone printed items. If there are multiple items needed, provide the title of each promotional item along with the quantity. (Ex. Flyer - 500 | Postcard - 1,000 | Booklet - 250)
File Upload
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