Gaining Clarity Review
This is some space for you to process all you have learnt and to note down any questions, insights, thoughts as you begin to approach your problems form a place of objectivity. Notice any resistance form the ego as if it attempts to 'hold on' to the familiar.
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Describe the BE, DO, HAVE Model in your own words and what this means for your ability to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. *
Why is your Intention so important for change? *
Childhood Conditioning: Explain this in your own words with an example from your own life. *
Why is rejection so painful for the ego? *
Why do we feel 'irrational' fear as an adult? *
What have you avoided due to a fear of rejection? What might you do if you were no longer confusing rejection with 'DEATH'? *
What is more powerful than fear & why? *
The Feedback Loop: Explain this in your own words. *
Why might the 'ego' resist change? *
A good way to identify your ego - is to notice how you self-sabotage when your broken belief 'I'm not good enough' kicks in? *
Describe the 'stories' the ego spins as keeping you safe, but are really robbing you of your freedom. *
How might you DISRUPT the negative feedback loop and turn it into a positive one? *
Why is the Transformation Process different to therapy? *
Anything else that is new to you or you have found interesting? Use the space below to reflect on your learnings so far and what they mean for you and your future. Write freely... your heart is listening... *
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