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As a registered charitable organization and accredited Continual Medical Education (CME) provider, our main purpose is to provide education to General Practitioners (GPs). To this end, we are bound by the regulations dictated by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP) on what we can and cannot accept from sponsors. The following is a summary of these guidelines: 1) Education is the main focus of the CME session. 2) Transparency and openness are paramount. 3) Payment should only be made at "arm's length" and in a manner that does not reflect attendance at a particular CME topic day. 4) Content or opinion should not be seen to favour any one company over another. 5) Payment must be made from the sponsor to ACMA, not to the speaker 6) The speaker must be chosen by ACMA, not the sponsor 7) Sponsor payment for venues, satchels, food must be made clear at the CME event 8) A small display from the sponsor is appropriate but must be outside of the room used for the main educational purpose. 9) The sponsor cannot influence the content of a session 10) The sponsor cannot speak at a session 11) The sponsor cannot pay for meals or social events for family members of ACMA 12) The topic of the talk cannot be on the product promoted by the sponsor. *
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