Climate Action Facilitator Training Application Form
We are glad you are interested in helping us normalize climate action by supporting others in their personal climate action journey. Please complete this questionnaire to help us get to know you better and make sure the Climate Action Facilitator role is a good fit for you.

Applications are due by September 21. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible and space is limited.
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Contact and Background Information
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1. We recommend you apply for this role with a co-facilitator in mind. If you are applying with someone please add their name in the "other" option below and ask them to apply separately. *
2. Have you been a part of our 6-week sessions? This is not a requirement but helps us understand your background. *
3. The training will be taking place online on the following dates and times. Please carefully review each date and time, and select each one to confirm your availability. You must be able to attend all sessions. *
4. To host the session, you will need a co-facilitator, 6 to 8 participants, a place to gather, and although not necessary, snacks/food are always welcome. Are you currently part of a group (e.g. school, club, faith or neighbourhood group) or do you have a few friends who would be able to support you in getting the 6-week session started after the training? If so, please tell us more about that. If not, what support do you feel you would need to organize and host the 6-week session after the training? *
5. Approximately how many hours (max) per month are you willing to dedicate to the Climate Action Facilitator Role after the training? *
6. What feelings have you experienced regarding climate change? How have you processed or do you continue to process those emotions? *
7. What do you hope to gain from becoming a Climate Action Facilitator? *
8. What do you hope to contribute? *
Your Experience and Approach
9. What is your experience facilitating group discussions? In what context and for what size of a group? *
10. What skills and strengths do you bring to this role?
11. It is normal to find ourselves in situations where we know something is damaging to the environment but do that thing anyways, or know a climate-friendly option but have reasons to avoid it. How do you deal with that contradiction for yourself and when talking with others *
12. How would you rate your climate change knowledge? *
13. What is your current journey with climate action? Please select any that apply to you. *
14. As a volunteer based organization we ask you to support this training by paying $250. That includes a $100 deposit which we will return to you after you host your 6-week session or you can choose to provide it as a gift to CCTO. We are committed to ensuring that cost is not a barrier to your attendance. If you are not able to pay the full cost let us know. *
15. Do you have any questions or comments? If so please leave them here.
Thank you for your interest and for caring for our earth and each other! We will get back to you with next steps.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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