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The Community Grocery Cooperative, LCA is an emerging Consumer-Owned Food Cooperative Business, East of the Anacostia River, in Washington D.C., that will provide quality, affordable, and locally-made food products, while creating living-wage jobs.  We are committed to embodying the 7 Cooperative Principles & Values { }, while creating a Community-Owned Store.  Our Mission is to Advocate for Food Justice and Economic Empowerment for the Residents of Ward 7 and Ward 8 impacted by food apartheid.
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REASON FOR BECOMING A MEMBER-OWNER:  Write a sentence or two on your reasons & visions for joining the Co-Op.
HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE CO-OP?: Please let us know any person/event/broadcast that may have helped inspire your decision, so we can thank them:)
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Active Voices
1. For Ward 7 & 8 Residents: I understand that my voice and participation in this Community-Run Business are critically important to ensuring healthy & affordable food access in my community.  Therefore,  recruiting memberships from my Wards AND checking in on CGC's WhatsApp group(s) to offer my votes/voice on key decisions. 

2. For All Other Enrollees:  I understand that my role & active participation in this business is to support the cause of Food Justice for Ward 7 & 8 Residents of the District, who are at the center of this cause.
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SPONSORED MEMBERSHIP: If you have selected the third option above & know who is sponsoring your membership, please fill in here.
Why We Do This?
Eradicating a food desert in our community takes dedicated team work, with the ultimate goal of dramatically improving the collective health of our neighborhoods.  In the following fields, please indicate how you can contribute to this movement, as a Co-operative Member-Owner of this Community-Run Business.
TIME: Approximately how much time would you be willing to contribute as a Co-Operative Member-Owner of our Community Business, per month? *
MEMBER-OWNER DUTIES: Please check the responsibilities you would be willing to take on as a Co-Op Member & Business Owner (For more details on each committee, click this link here: *
MY EXPERTISE:  Please let us know what field of expertise you may be able to support the Co-Op in, as needed.
BUILDING COMMUNITY:  A co-operative is strong because we support one another. Please let us know any ways you would like the Co-Op to build and provide community for you (i.e. family or business events, a follow on social media, have your business work with the co-op in some way, etc.,)
MEMBER-OWNER BIO:  Welcome to the Community Business:) Let us know about who you are, so we know who our Co-Owners are. 
MEMBER-OWNER PIC:  Drop a pic, so we know how to recognize you in meetings/events and can put a face to a name:) {If this download feature does not work, feel free to drop link to social media or send as text in the final steps)
Communication Is King.
1. As a Co-Operative Member-Owner, you will be receiving a seasonal newsletter summarizing our progress towards our collective vision of a food co-operative. 

2. For More Involved Business Owners (i.e. Ward 7/8 Residents), we also send Bi-Weekly texts/WhatsApp messages and occasional calls with our updates, volunteer needs, and just overall love & community check-ins. 

3. For Committee Members & Working Groups (i.e. Ward 7/8 Residents), we send WhatsApp group messages, as needed, to your respective committees.
COMMUNICATIONS:  Please read the above & choose your preference for communication with your fellow Co-Operative Business Owners. *
TEXT FOLLOW-UP:  Please text (240)447-2983 once you have completed and submitted this app with the message "Just Joined the CGC & Your Name" - We will follow up with your relevant WhatsApp links & info needed to get you to full Member-Owner status :) We are so excited to have you join our growing community!
Terms of Agreement
The membership interest hereby subscribed for is intended to confer the right to purchase consumer goods and services at member prices and to participate in the governance of the Community Grocery Cooperative, LCA in accordance with its bylaws.

The funds remitted hereby are intended to be used to secure additional financing to fund the development of The Community Grocery Cooperative, LCA.

All such funds are subject to the risks inherent in any start-up enterprise of this character and may result in the loss or gain of part or all of such funds.

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