Park Assessment
Thank you for helping Walsenburg improve our public parks. The information collected on our parks helps us address any existing issues, as well as to plan future improvements to make our public parks accessible and fun for us all.
Every effort has been made to make this tool easy to use. We have embedded logic to skip non-applicable questions based on your responses. To that end, please make sure to answer required questions, as this allows the logic in the form to work.

Original CPAT Instructions:
Before you begin, try to locate a map of the park. Next, review the CPAT training guide and audit tool ( It is important to make sure each question and response is clear when you are marking your answer. Then, go to the park and fill out this audit tool. The tool is divided into four (4) sections that focus on different parts of the park. Further instruction are at the top of each section.

Tips for using the Community Park Audit Tool (CPAT):

* Drive, bike, or walk around the park to get a feel for what’s in the park and the neighborhood around
the park.
* Questions on the CPAT are grouped in sections in the order that you might come across them in a park.
However, you may need to switch between sections or pages as you complete the park audit.
Therefore, it is important to look through the tool before you begin.
* When you are finished, go back and make sure you have completed all the sections and questions.
* There is space at the end of each section where you can write down comments as you complete your
audit. The margins or back of the page can be used to take notes, but make sure to transfer your
comments into the answer spaces.
* If you see anything that requires immediate attention, contact the local parks department.
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