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Project Description
Please work together to complete as many of the following questions as you can. We will also meet with you to discuss your project and help formulate ideas, so don't hold up sending in your application because you are unsure of any particular answers.
What is your idea for a project? How might you describe it to someone you were trying to recruit to join you?
What need will this work address?
What outcomes do you expect from the project? (You should have at least one outcome related to relationship building and one outcome to do with the project itself which may be something more tangible)
How many meetings, events or activities do you imagine hosting over what period of time? (We picture the typical project lasting approximately 12 weeks, but you can propose an alternative timeframe)
We understand that you will have to work with your group to finalize this, but describe as best as you can at this moment what you picture as the culminating project, product or event.
How many people will be engaged in your project and who will they be? Describe who you already have on board or the state of your relationships with people that leads you to believe the project will have investment from people short term and perhaps long term.
What do you foresee needing in terms of help or support from TDP? (TDP can offer video production work as a part of a final project, research and background information on education policy to inform discussions, meeting space, facilitation support and connections to other resources)
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