Webinar - Repository of ideas: A few words about circular economy
Description: A Circular Economy is an economic concept in which products, materials and raw materials should remain in circulation for as long as possible, thereby seeking to minimise the amount of waste generated. The concept covers all stages of a product's life cycle - from design, through production, consumption, to waste. Its main objective is to move away from a linear economy (where waste is treated as the last stage of the life cycle) and to focus on a circular economy, so that the resulting waste is treated as secondary raw materials. The aim of the presented concept is to increase the innovativeness of European entrepreneurs and increase their competitiveness in relation to entities from other parts of the world.

Duration: 60 minutes

Date: 4th December 2020 - 16.30 - 17.30

Target: students

Lecturer: MEng. Katarzyna Styk, Olga Świniarska

Organizer: AGH University of Science and Technology

Project: Raw Materials @ Schools

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