Conquer Language One-on-One / Private Small Group Chinese Course Registration 雲飛中文:一對一/包班 課程報名
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Photo of One on One Chinese Course 一對一中文課上課實況
Note 注意事項
Classes are designed for:
1) Learners who has an unstable/flexible working schedule.
2) Learners who has a specific learning target.
3) Learners who need to learn really fast in a short time.

*完成報名單送出後,本中心會在三天內與您聯絡後續,您也可透過 Line: @cwe2875i 與本中心即時聯絡。

1) The first class will start 14 days after the deposit is paid at the earliest. The actual first day of class is subject to change due to the availability of student and teacher.
2) Our institute will contact you in 3 days after the registration is submitted. You may also contact us via Line (our ID: @cwe2875i ).
3) Every class package purchasing is at least 10 hours. No trial class provided.

Types of payment 繳費方式
🔸 親臨櫃台
平日 18:00-22:00
週六 09:00-12:00
👉 交通方式:

🔸 Pay at the counter of our center
Monday-Friday: 18:00-22:00
Saturday: 09:00-12:00
We are closed on Sunday.
Tel: 03-567-8670
👉 Our location:


匯款完成請加 LINE 帳號回覆以下內容:
1) (學生) 姓名:
2) 匯款日期:
3) 匯款金額:
4) 帳號末 5 碼:
5) 報名之課程名稱:
👉 LINE ID: @cwe2875i

🔸Transfer by ATM
Bank Code: 050
Account Number: 32212020973
Bank: Taiwan Business Bank 台灣企銀竹科分行
Account Name: 雲飛語言文化有限公司

After clearing the payment, please tell us the following info. via Line (LINE ID 👉 @cwe2875i )
1) Name
2) Remittance date
3) How much?
4) The last 5 digits of your bank account
5) Class that you signed up
You will be added to the class Line group chat after receiving the fee.

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