Social (Distance) Epistemology - SEN Mini Talks
Submit an abstract for our (bi-)weekly work-in-progress virtual mini-events in social epistemology!

Abstracts should be no more than 100 words, including at least one and no more than three key terms.

TOPICS: Any topic in social epistemology, very broadly construed, is welcome. Please refer to the "Welcome" message of the Social Epistemology Network page to have a sense of the range of topics that fall within this wide umbrella.

SELECTION: The administrators will take all of the submissions and will determine what themes emerge. We will set up theme-oriented mini-events, announced on this site, to be held on Zoom, accessible to all. We will notify the speakers prior to each event.

ORGANIZATION OF MINI-EVENTS: each weekly or bi-weekly mini-event will last no more than one hour, with each speaker getting no more than 12 minutes to give her/his/their presentation. The last 10 minutes of each mini-event will be an open discussion, moderated, with people encouraged to participate by using the "Chat" function in Zoom. Each mini-event will be open to everyone in this Social Epistemology Network; the URL will be provided on this facebook page.

WORK-IN-PROGRESS: this aims to be a work-in-progress event. We take that seriously. No one will be held to the views expressed in the sessions.

RECORDING: the presumption will be that each mini-event will be recorded and made available for anyone on the Social Epistemology Network facebook page. This is for the benefit of folks who can't make the mini-event itself. Any participant who would prefer not to be recorded should let us know ahead of time (and of course we will grant your wish!). We will look into closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

FOLLOW-UP: we encourage participants (both speakers and observers) to follow up with one another afterwards, and we especially encourage group discussion of topics on this facebook page. The aim is to enhance our sense of community in these trying times.
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