Zoning Verification Letter Request
Please fill out this form to begin the process of having a zoning verification letter (ZVL) prepared by the New York City Department of City Planning.
Please include the borough, block, and lot of the subject property.

Please note that ONE LETTER is prepared for EACH ZONING LOT. Your subject property may (or may not) consist of a single zoning lot. It is the responsibility of the requester to conduct the necessary due diligence to request the correct number of letters. If you do not know what the zoning lot configuration of your property is, assume (1) multiple tax lots, (2) contiguous with one another for at least 10' linear feet, and (3) located on the same tax block CAN be treated as one zoning lot, and thus one letter with one fee.

If you don't know the block and lot(s) of the subject property, you can look it up by entering the address into our online zoning tool, Zola: https://zola.planning.nyc.gov/
Borough *
Tax Block Number *
Please only include one tax block number (for example: 8742)
Tax Lot(s) Number *
For letters consisting of multiple tax lots, separate each tax lot number with a comma (for example: 10, 14, 15, 18, 22)
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