Interested in working for The General Store during Coachella 2019? We're looking for individuals who are 21+ (we sell tobacco merchandise and you must be 21+ to handle) You must be self motivated and be able to work well under EXTREME pressure.
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Full Name (as it appears on your ID/DL/Passport) *
Are you 21+ (If you are under 21 you will not be considered) *
Cell Phone Number (we text on occasion and use app's that require a VALID phone number) *
Please Upload a Headshot or Selfie (NO WEIRD FILTERS, We want to see you- not you as a dog!) *
Have you worked for The General Store before? *
If you have worked for The General Store please tell us which show(s) you've worked & tell us about your experience *
Are you employed or a student? *
This job is FUN, but there's a lot of hard work- Like heavy lifting, lots of walking/ running, extreme heat, and lots of dirt. You'll also be camping with other staff members, are you comfortable with all of the above? *
Which weekend are you interested in working? (In order to work both weekends you are required to have worked for us at Coachella in the past- newbies can not work both weekends.) *
We HIGHLY suggest you apply in groups- you're more likely to get hired if you're in a group of 4. It makes it easier for you (driving/carpooling/camping) Are there others in your group that will be applying? *
If you have friends that are in your group & interested in working please list them here (FIRST & LAST NAMES REQUIRED to ensure you're hired as a group- NO NICK NAMES. Failure to do so might result in members of your group not being hired) *
Where are you from? Are you Local? Will you be traveling? *
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