Red Team Offense Village Volunteers
Do you want to help run the new DEF CON Red Team Offense Village? We have plenty of ways for you to help the cause!

NOTE: The DEF CON Red Team Offense Village has ZERO Tolerance Policy for harassment of any kind. Volunteer, attendee, speaker, it doesn’t matter - any CoC violators will be ejected. Please review the DEF CON CoC at:

Volunteers need to pay for their DEFCON badges.

DEF CON Red Team Offense Village slots include (but not limited to) running one of the 5 stations in the village, helping staff with network administrative tasks, helping attendees, and other administrative tasks.

The DEF CON Red Team Offense Village volunteers are the heart of this village, they bring a wealth of expertise, experiences and uniqueness to help make us the DEF CON village of the year.
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