South Palo Alto Tree Initiative: Tree Request Form
If you are interested in receiving a new street or yard tree from Canopy, please take a few minutes to complete the form below.

We will organize a neighborhood planting when enough residents in your area express desire for a tree at their homes. A great way to start something up is to get your neighbors to sign up too!

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Tree Preferences
Canopy prioritizes planting large-growing and drought tolerant tree species, and particularly native oaks, where possible (rather than small or non-native trees). We are happy to work with residents to select a tree that compliments your aesthetic preferences, while also achieving the big benefits that come from planting the right tree in the right space.
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Tree Stewardship
Each young tree needs a steward to ensure its survival, especially during the first few critical years of establishment (3-5 years).

Tree stewards nurture the young tree by watering regularly (about once a week the first year, once a month the following two to four years), maintaining mulch around the base of the tree, removing weeds, and notifying the City of any other issues that may arise.

Can you act as the steward for your new tree? *
Involvement and Canopy Communications
We can always use help with outreach to neighborhood residents and establishments, and love working with people like you (i.e. people interested in planting more trees) to get neighborhood residents involved in the planting.
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Are you able to help with the tree planting? When planting day comes we would really like for you to be involved. *
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