The Goods Market @ FATVillage Artwalk Vendor Application
Every Last Saturday of every Month 6-11pm (except December!)


Vendors will be selected about a week or so before the event.   

IF YOU APPLY THE WEEK OF ARTWALK there is a chance the market may be full. The sooner you apply in the month, the better your chances are of getting in.

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This is an Artisan Market and does not facilitate food vendors.
Please give a brief description of the items you intend to sell *
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This is a curated market and we need to see examples of your work and/or set up.

If I cannot see examples of your work, you may not be selected for the market.

YOU MUST provide one or all of the following (Instagram / Facebook / Website):

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How much space do you need?
*** Please provide us with your FIRST and SECOND choice. ***
Tents are ONLY allowed in the indoor warehouse option
Tents are ONLY allowed in the indoor warehouse option
Do you need a larger space than the options listed above?
If so please describe what you plan on bringing and how much space you need...
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I agree to arrive NO LATER than 5:30 to set up *
Set up starts at 4, and you must be fully set up by 6:00pm
I agree to wait to pack up until 11pm *
I UNDERSTAND that I need to bring my own lights and extension cords *
I UNDERSTAND that I need to bring my own table and chairs *
I UNDERSTAND THAT payment is due before I unload my car *
I UNDERSTAND that I am to park in the public parking lot on 4th street. *
YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR PARKING UNTIL 6PM. It is free after 6. We will include directions to the lot in the acceptance email.
I UNDERSTAND that if I park on 1st ave or the lots behind Image 360 I will not be invited back to FATVillage and my car may be towed *
Vehicle Information
We take this information incase you decide to park where you are not allowed during the duration of the event so that we can notify you to move your car before it gets towed.
Make *
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Model *
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Vehicle Color *
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License Plate Number *
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I am not a food truck or food stand *
If your answer is yes, please call the FATVillage office (954-760-5900) and ask for Jesse or email him at
I UNDERSTAND that I am responsible for cleaning up after myself and pick up all trash in my booth's area. *
There are trash cans throughout The GOODS that you are welcome to throw out your trash and a dumpster located in the northeast corner of the courtyard.
I UNDERSTAND that emails sent the day of the event will not be answered *
because we're busy setting up for you!
I UNDERSTAND that glass bottles are not allowed in The Goods *
Please feel free to bring snacks and drinks, just no glass for safety reasons and to comply with FATVillage policies.
I agree to not smoke in the courtyard or warehouse during The Goods. *
We cannot control our patrons but we ask you to be courteous to your nonsmoking neighbors and step outside of the courtyard / warehouse area to smoke. Please dispose of your cigarette butts properly.
I AGREE that neither The Goods, or FATVillage is liable for any damage or theft to my property before, during, and after the event. *
It is my responsibility to ensure the safety of myself, my friends and my items
Do you have any questions for us?
Spaces are assigned and are different every time! Do not assume anything about your space. If you have questions about your space or anything, please ask! :)
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This is a curated market. We carefully select vendors so that the market is fresh and varied every month. We do not keep applications on file so please apply each month.** If you are not accepted this month please apply again!
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