Battle of the Bags Cornhole Tourney at The Star in Frisco
What: Advanced / Competitive & Social Doubles Tournament
When: 6.15.2019
Where: Tostitos Championship Plaza at The Star in Frisco

Multiple Divisions
Advanced/Competitive Doubles (A,B,C PLAYERS) ($60/Team)

Social Doubles ( D,E, PLAYERS)

Advanced/Competitive Doubles (Any "A" ranked player must play with a "C" ranked player or below)
Social Doubles - "D" and "E" players

A= Top Level Player (Has all shots in arsenal)
B= Advanced Player (3 out of 4 bags in the hole consistently)
C= Competitive Player (good player, lacks some consistency)
D= Social Player
E= Backyard/Beginner Player

1:00 pm Open Boards
2:00 pm Social Registration
3:00 pm Social Tournament Begins (Social and Beginner Players only)
6:00 pm Advanced/Competitive Registration
7:00 pm Advanced/Competitive Tournament Begins (Elite,Advanced,Competitive Players)

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