Partnering with VOLAR
To help us get our collaboration running smoothly, please answer the following questions. We look forward to working with you!
organization *
What is the name of your organization?
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organization website
Does your organization have a website to help our students better understand what you do? If so, provide web address.
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What is the name of the event or program with which you are requesting VOLAR's help?
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purpose of program/event *
Describe the type of work your organization does and/or the purpose of this particular event or program.
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type of work *
Describe the type of work our student volunteers would do.
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use of Spanish *
What percentage of the time will Spanish likely be used? Do they need a specific level of fluency or familiarity with a particular vocabulary topic (such as medical Spanish)?
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primary volunteer coordinator/supervisor *
Provide the name of the person to whom our student volunteers will report.
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supervisor's email *
Provide email address of this person.
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supervisor's phone *
Provide phone number for this person.
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additional contacts
Provide name and contact information for any additional volunteer supervisor(s)/coordinator(s).
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date and times of event/program *
Provide the date and times of the event or program. If ongoing, describe schedule (e.g. every Wednesday Thursday).
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# of volunteers *
Provide the maximum number of volunteers for each shift.
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time commitment
Estimate the total time commitment per shift and/or per semester (e.g. 2 hour shift/weekly).
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address *
To what address will our volunteers report?
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logistical information
Provide additional logistical information such as instructions for parking, attire, etc.
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volunteer training *
Is additional volunteer training or orientation required?
volunteer training specs
If yes, provide specifics (date, time, location of volunteer training, procedure for registering, etc.)
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separate registration
If your organization requires volunteers to register for this program/event, please provide instructions here (web address, etc.)
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Is a background check necessary to work with your organization? *
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