Application for Playfully Fierce Healing Program
While the Playfully Fierce Healing program (PFH) can target and help numerous health conditions, there are some for which it simply will not be enough. PFH is a GREAT starting point for many people, and can be built on for those with more complicated concerns; but I want to make sure it will be an appropriate fit for you, so that you will see the benefits! Filling out this application lets me have a better idea if the program is right for you; if you should supplement with additional one-on-one sessions or labs; or if you would do better being referred to someone with programs and services more suited for your situation. I do not want you investing in the program, only to find it wasn't quite appropriate for you at this time, and you end up later thinking 1) I failed you, 2) the program failed you, or 3) you failed you.

If you seem like a good candidate for the program, we'll get you going! Either way, I will reach out to you to talk, and discuss my thoughts. Let's make sure we get you set up on a path with the best possible chance for success and health!
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If you DON'T change your life, what does your future look like in 1, 5, or more years down the road? *
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If you DO change your life and find relief, what does your future look like in 1, 5, or more years down the road? What do you hope to be doing, feeling, experiencing?
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How confident are you that you can stick to a Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free personalized elimination plan for at least 30 days? *
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The Playfully Fierce Healing program is a commitment; it will require at least one blood test, and strict adherence to not only your personalized food list, but also going Gluten and Dairy free for at least several weeks (taught during the course.) Food sensitivities play a major role in many health problems, but there still can never be a guarantee. And if you deviate from your plan, even a little, it may be enough to stall out progress. Life happens, and I understand that, but you need to be ready to give it your all. Since food sensitivities are like addictions, for some, there is a withdrawal period as the body adjusts. We will talk you through them, and you have support, but be sure you realize the commitment you are looking to make. I only work with people who are ready to be dedicated and will work hard at getting better and feeling their best!
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