2019 Summer Tech Summit Presenters
We would love to have you present at the 2019 Summer Tech Summit this summer! The sessions are 2 hours and the Summit is a BYOD event. The mission of our Summit is that the sessions are hands-on and interactive. If you're reluctant to present, you can even share your experience and co-present with another teacher! BONUS: Should your proposal be accepted, you can attend the Summit free of charge!
This year's summit will be held in Lockwood at the Eileen Johnson Middle School July 29th-July 31st. Each room will be equipped with a projector...be sure to bring the extra supplies you will need (adapters, speakers, etc). With the shorter sessions, you may have the opportunity to present more than once over the three days!
Should your presentation be accepted, we will have a presenter ConFab on Thursday, July 25th to help prep you for the Summit and some of the adaptations we are looking at to make 2019 our best Summit yet!
Thank you for your interest!
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