Learning Center TUTORING Appointments Request Scheduling Form
If you would like to be matched with a Learning Center Tutor or Tutors for WEEKLY tutoring appointments, please complete this form. Please allow 3-4 business days for the processing of your request. Once matched, you will have that same day/time set aside JUST FOR YOU each week as a standing appointment. All Learning Center Tutoring Services are by appointment only and require advance notice + a weekly commitment.

*Please note that all tutoring and coaching appointments for Fall 2020 semester will take place VIRTUALLY via Zoom, email, Docs or other virtual platform that works for you due to COVID-19 precautions.

*If you would like immediate assistance or drop in appointments (not every week), please be aware that Smarthinking Online Tutoring is available for drop-in sessions as needed anytime 24/7. You can access Smarthinking by going into any Canvas course and clicking the Smarthinking link on the course navigation menu. Smarthinking integrates with MyMathLab.
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I need tutoring each week for the following classes or coaching for the following areas (organization, time management, staying on track, etc.): *
What Days and Times work best for you? When are you AVAILABLE to CONSISTENTLY ATTEND tutoring/coaching every week? Please consider your class schedule, work study, athletics/dance/student organization commitments, etc. and only choose times that would consistently work for your schedule. *
Would you like to request a SPECIFIC TUTOR or academic coach?
TUTORING ATTENDANCE POLICY: If students no show or cancel with short notice 3 tutoring sessions in a row without a medical excuse, they will be removed from the tutoring schedule for the rest of that semester. Students should treat tutoring just like a weekly class and set their own appointment reminders in Google calendar or day planner. The Learning Center will inform the student of his/her tutoring appointment dates/times schedule when a match is made. Then, it is the student's responsibility to show up (virtually) each week on that day + time ready to learn. You will not receive reminder emails or texts. You will receive a Google calendar invitation. Please click YES to accept. Please commit to your scheduled day/time each week as a PRIORITY just like your classes. Be prepared by having your textbooks, handouts, syllabus, or any materials you may need for your session ready to use during sessions. *
Tutoring is offered free of charge for the following core academic subjects:
-English (Writing, Reading, Communication/Public Speaking)
-Mathematics (All Levels)
-Foreign Language (Spanish only at this time)
-Science courses (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, etc.)
-Art Appreciation
-Interior Design
-ESOL (English as a second language for international students)
-Academic Coaching (Time Management, Organization, Study Skills, Test Taking Strategies)

*Please note that we do not offer department specific tutoring such as Music Theory/Performance, Accounting, Nursing, OT/PT, etc. We advise meeting with your professors during office hours and asking for additional department specific resources if you have these needs.
Questions? Need to speak with someone regarding tutoring?
Please call the Learning Center Front Desk at 770-534-6133 for assistance after completing this form.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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