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Introducing EXPLORE U, a membership program offered by the Philadelphia-based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, I Choose To Win. It offers ADULT women, age 21 and older, an opportunity to intentionally explore who they are by design (what things wake them up and causes them to engage life more fully). Too often, adult women, as a result of life and its many demands and numerous roles/responsibilities fulfilled, lose a sense of who they are and what awakens them to their own sense of purpose, passion, power and potential. We would like to offer these women an opportunity to re-engage life in their adulthood to see which creative outlets stir them inside, and may possibly allow them to approach life with renewed vigor, enthusiasm and joy to live each day more fully. This is what we want - more women who realize their ability to WIN in life.

EXPLORE U offers a safe space for women in the Philadelphia Area to come together, use their imagination, be a novice in an area of interest and explore freely to learn again who they are - and what they're "made of."

Its no judgment zone encourages women to just “be” and in it, honesty, transparency and vulnerabilities freely flow, fostering a safe space to build new relationships and a sense of community. There are several workshops that offer guided self-exploration activities and exercises that are included in the membership. In these workshops, many themes are covered to address issues/concerns faced by women, such as confidence, esteem, value, significance, insecurities, fear and connection (to self and others).

If you are interested in Exploring You, join EXPLORE U! We are hoping to gauge interest for this introductory year. See below for the list of areas you'd like to explore and select those that appeal most to you. Once we assess the collective interest, we will follow-up with each who completes this form for next steps, which includes, an introductory meeting (date/time/location) and a link to pay. This pilot program is only available to a limited audience. If you are interested, don't delay. Sign up today.

Steps to Get Started:

1)    Sign up by completing this online registration form! Don't forget to Invite a friend!

2.)   Send us your interest: Email melonie@ichoosetowin.org. And we will send you an electronic invoice.

3)    We will send you the Explore U Schedule for you to select the workshops of your choice.

Thank you for your willingness to EXPLORE U!

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We have two membership options:

"Explore" members pay tuition of $150 to explore three (3) areas of their choosing.
"Unleash" members pay tuition of $200 to explore five (5) areas of their choosing.

Session options are held throughout the year, not just during the summer months. While EXPLORE U launches this summer, it will offer session options beginning July 2017 - May 2018. Some areas may be one-day workshops, others may be a series of weekends. Once you fulfill your membership by attending the number of sessions available with your membership, you may purchase a new membership if there are new areas you want to explore.

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