Bishop Viard College 50th Jubilee Registration
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Please indicate events you wish to attend. We will keep you up to date with event information.
Registration will be complete when payment is received. Please note that some events will have limited capacity so prompt registration will ensure you are able to attend.Registration fee helps cover the set up costs for the weekend, we ask all attendees to pay this. Payment to bank account ASB Porirua Bishop Viard Past Pupils 12-3254-0025121-000 Please use full name as reference. Tick to indicate total payment.
Column 1
Total $20 Registration $20 ALL past pupils staff need to pay registration.)
Total $60 Registration, mix and mingle (for 1)
Total $130 Registration, mix and mingle (for 1) and Dine and Dance (1)
Total $200 Registration, mix and mingle (for 1) and Dine and Dance with Non Viard partner(2)
Total $90 Registration and Dine and Dance (1)
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I'd like to take part in Saturday sports activities
I would like to take part in the Saturday afternoon performances . While limited time will be available we hope some will be able to repeat a prefomance from the past or show case current talent. We will be in touch to discuss.
Are you able to assist us over the weekend with an hour or two volunteering providing hospitality in one way or another ?
Comment if there is a particular way of assisting that would suit you.
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We have planned and priced the Jubilee celebrations to ensure an affordable event. Any excess funds will be donated to the Viard Educational Trust. The Trust assists with educational expenses for current and former students. You are welcome to make an additional donation to the Trust alongside your registration . If you wish to do this you may do so via Give a Little OR let us know via our email address and we will provide you with details. Donations to the Trust are tax deductible.
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