C4SC Fiscal Sponsorship Application 2019
Application Instructions
Thank you for considering being a sponsored project at the Center for Social Change. Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis. There is no submission deadline and you will receive notification of the status of your application within 10 days.

The Center acts as Fiscal Sponsor to projects that are not 501c3 tax exempt by providing fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to help build the capacity of nonprofit community programs.

We provide two fiscal sponsorship packages:
1. Comprehensive (Model A) for projects that are unincorporated
2. Funding Partner (Model C) for projects that are incorporated

Please refer to our webpage for fees, services and procedures.

Please provide contact information: email, best phone # and website for the applicant so we can be in touch. *
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How did you hear about our fiscal sponsorship program? *
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Name of project:
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Are you registered as a Florida nonprofit corporation. If so, what is your FEIN or business ID?
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Have you applied for 501c3? (If you already have received your 501c3, you don't need fiscal sponsorship. If you have a need for other services please contact the Center to discuss your needs and there's no need to fill out this application.)
If you have applied, when did you? If you are planning to, when do you plan to? (And it's ok if don't plan to apply.)
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Do you need the Center to be your mailing address?
If no, what is your mailing address?
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Describe the mission and purpose of your project. What activities are you involved with?
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Does your project have professional liability insurance?
Will you be seeking grants?
Will you be seeking donations?
Do you have a budget prepared? If so, please submit to C4SC.
Please prepare a board of three advisors for your project and submit their information here. (Include names, titles, company/organization, email and phone #.)
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Will you be holding fundraisers?
What will your funds be used for?
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Please submit a strategic plan, project goals and fundraising /financing plan for the year to lulie@4socialchange.org.
Please provide any other comments about what your needs are.
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Thank you for submitting your application! We will get back to you soon.
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