2018 Festival to Schools Creating Connections - Booking Form
Please ensure that all information provided is correct to best assist the Harcourts Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival team. If you wish to change any details or update information please contact the education coordinator for assistance (daniel@hbaf.co.nz).
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Step 1: School and Contact Details
The following information is required and one teacher must be responsible to communicate with the education coordinator. This ensures communication is open and all details are correct.
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Further Festival to schools information
If you require further information about the shows please visit the Schools page of the Harcourts Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival Website (www.hbaf.co.nz)
Please also be aware that the education coordinator will ask for indicative numbers leading up to finalising number of attendees. This is to ensure that tickets are available or inform teachers on how many tickets they can purchase.
Once numbers are finalised these cannot be changed one week before the performance date. Schools will be expected to pay the invoiced amount. If you would like to read the Education Booking policy in our Terms and Conditions please do so.
Do you require any special requirements or access for the show?
How did you hear about this performance?
Payment Details: Please indicate your preferred payment option and an invoice will be generated within 10 working days.
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