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I have this to help me keep track of shoutout requests and links.  Also if you have notes in the design it really helps me highlight the parts that are most important to you.
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What is your Name: (Sometimes it helps if you give me pronunciation clues) You can also tell me your Tinkercad User Name if that is what you want to be called in the shoutout. *
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What is your email? This helps if I have questions about your creation. You may skip this if we already have a line of communication like Twitter, Discord, etc.
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Do you want me to highlight your Tinkercad profile? If so, share a link to it please.
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Do you want me to share your age in the video? If so, how old are you?
Any other info you would like to share or that I may be forgetting? You can also just add comments here
Please add the share links here too as it is easier for me to keep track. Thanks again for reaching out. *
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