TAKEOVER HOUSING ACTIONS signup: help clean, repair, move-in, & watch over the house.
Poor People's Army / Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign are doing TAKEOVER HOUSING ACTIONS in Philly, on the new underground railroad. We do this to house families that cannot find affordable homes to live in. We've done Takeovers for 30+ years, and that was chronicled in the film, Takeover, and others. Most of our Takeover Houses are secretive out of necessity, to keep people with a roof over their heads. But we will make some of them public and a report coming out soon in collaboration with a dozen cartographers that will show we could easily end homelessness in Philadelphia with all the abandoned properties. They should be part of the Philadelphia Landbank. But it's not doing nothing for nobody right now. It's being used as a landgrab, instead of to provide decent, affordable, accessible housing for all people. This ties into the Covid-19 Pandemic, which rages in crowded shelters. We need affordable housing now, and this is one way to draw attention to the City and demand humane housing for all people.

[We will follow social distancing guidelines and people are encouraged to wear masks and bring hand sanitizer.]

We have homeless families that need housing, we need landlords that will rent to people with bad credit. We need housing vouchers from the City. It's unsafe for people to go into crowded, infected shelters. The City needs to figure out ways to house people NOW!
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Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign
Contact: 215-869-4753 PPEHRCorg@gmail.com
For assistance with food or other mutual aid, contact: poorpeoplesarmy@gmail.com
Read our 16 Principles of Unity: https://livesoverluxury.com/principles-of-unity
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